3 Steps to Arc Flash Compliance

Arc Flash Recertification

An engineered Arc Flash Hazard Analysis Study

The following steps are required to conduct an Arc Flash Risk Assessment in compliance with NFPA-70E and using the IEEE Method 1584 calculations:

  1. Conduct an Arc Flash Risk Assessment – Falcon Power Consultants will verify your existing single line diagram, or walk down the distribution system and sketch one, if necessary.  The utility provider will be contacted to obtain the available utility fault current and upstream protection to establish a starting point for the study.  A short-circuit analysis will be conducted to obtain the worst-case available bolted-fault current at each point in the distribution system.  An Overcurrent Protection Device Coordination Study  will be conducted to ensure protective devices will interrupt current in an orderly fashion to protect both affected workers and equipment.  Finally, Falcon Power Consultants will provide an Arc Flash Risk Assessment report for your facility generated using IEEE-1584 Method calculations to determine the appropriate Arc Flash Boundary, Incident Energy, Hazard Risk Category and associated required Personal Protective Equipment.
  2. Label Facility and Make PPE Available – Falcon Power Consultants will label your equipment with the appropriate Employers must purchase and make available the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for affected workers
  3. Train your Employees – Employers are required to provide Arc Flash Risk Assessment training to affected employees to ensure their understanding of the required PPE and procedure for affecting work in an NFPA-70E Compliant workplace.

According to the NFPA-70E® Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, 2024 Edition, Article 130.5 (G): “The incident energy analysis shall be updated when changes occur in the electrical distribution system that could affect the results of the analysis. The incident energy analysis shall also be reviewed for accuracy at intervals not to exceed 5 years.”