Electrician suited in PPE working on live equipment

The Arc Flash Results and associated PPE Categories provide life safety information for your workers. The Arc Flash Results include site specific determinations of the available incident energy at every equipment bus along the distribution system. This information is used to define the safe boundary distance that an unprotected person (worker, supervisor, manager) must maintain from the area when live work is performed. The PPE Categories determine the minimum Personal Protective Equipment that must be worn when working on live equipment.

This table provides a typical example of an Arc Flash Risk Assessment Results table. At minimum the report should include the following:

  • Each device, component, or piece of electrical equipment where an arc flash hazard exists
  • Incident energy calculated in cal/cm2
  • Category of PPE required to safely work on the equipment
  • Flash protection boundary
  • Working distance from which incident energy is calculated
  • Available fault current and duration of clearing time